Halloween Gnome wood kit

Halloween Gnome wood kit

Glitter on the Gulf


Calling all DIY crafters, this is a Halloween Gnome standing Kit is Ready to Paint. These wood cutouts are great projects to add to create your own unique sign. You can use it for painting, decoupage, staining, etc...

Our wood diy cutouts are cut from real birch wood. The Cutout may have some brown "flashing" on the front and back. It can be sanded, painted, or stained on both sides.

This is a large standing sign that will stand alone when complete. You can choose between one that is around 15 inches tall or the one that is around 29 inches tall (when fully put together.  

This kit only includes the wood.  You will get a paper that will help explain on how to put it together. You can put some of the pieces wherever you like (candy, bats ,....)