Purple Sea Dragon




Purple Sea Dragon is a darker Purple under UV light and a light tan color when it is not expose to UV Light.

This is a UV Powder.

Comes in 10 gram baggie


Named By: Clarinda Crabtree


Glitter Method  


1 oz of glitter 
2 Sunlight pigments or Glow Pigments 
-1 TBS alcohol

Take 2 grams of Pigment and mix it with 1 TBS of alcohol. Mix it real good (make sure there is no clumps.) Once you mix pigments and alcohol together real good, then mix with your 1 oz of glitter. Mix real good. Usually takes about 1-3 minutes to mix. (Different glitters can cause different effects to it) When done mixing, place glitter mix on a paper plate. Spread out so it can dry out. Once it dries take it outside to make sure it has the effect you are looking for. If it is, it is ready to be used.

Epoxy Method

1/4 to 1/2 oz for 8 ounces of epoxy

Mix both equal amounts of A & B of your epoxy. (Follow directions on epoxy bottles or box to make sure you are doing it correctly Read fully before proceeding) You can also take a small amount of part A or part B before combining them to mix your powder with. (If you mix A & B together before the powder, your working time is cut back due to the fact it will start to harden) 

Mix Glow Powder or UV powder to a small amount of epoxy in a separate mixing cup or on something that you can easily remove epoxy. Stir thoroughly with a craft stick or paint stirrer. Make sure you blend in small amounts. This will allow the powder to dissolve better and to make sure nothing clumps. 

Once powder is stirred thoroughly, you can now pour the small amount of epoxy you just mixed into the main batch of epoxy. Then stir some more.