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Sea Star



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Sea Star is more of a copper orange color. .015 Hex.

Glitter on the Gulf carries polyester glitter. Most of the glitter we carry is the soft glitter that everyone loves. We also carry polyester glitter that is a little sandier but still beautiful and sparkly.Things to know about polyester glitter:It doesn’t dull when put under solvents (nail polish or epoxy).All our polyester glitter is UV resistant.Polyester glitter lays a lot better than craft glitter.Polyester glitter is better for hotter temperatures.Craft glitter brakes down over a long period of UV exposure calling the sparkle to dull out.Polyester glitter covers a lot better than craft glitter, so you use less.Polyester glitter is used by most professionals to get the best possible results with better sparkle. (Not all polyester glitter sparkles. Some are matted.)Things you can use Polyester glitter for:TumblersScrapbookingHair bowsShoesHatsClothesMakes ups (Cosmetic Grade)Nail ArtsGeneral CraftsAnd Many more…..We also carry Cosmetic Glitter. You can find Cosmetic Grade glitter under the Cosmetic section. Cosmetic Grade polyester glitter is rated safe be used in make-up, tattoos, lipstick, skin and all your other glitter needs.Made in the USA